Soup with oysters and sparkling wine

Ana Peršurić gave us recipe for soup with oysters and sparkling wine.

Fresh oysters
Sparkling Wine Missal
A few drops of lemon juice

It is very important that oysters are fresh.
Open oyster and flush her through the running tap-water.
Slowly remove oysters out of the shell and sprinkle with a few drops of lemon juice.
Bowl or deep pot fill with sparkling wine, and the best is the Missal Blanc de blancs – extra brut.
Put oysters inside and leave in the fridge.
After 10 minutes soup is ready.
Serve oysters in a clear bowls.
If you do not want to consume large quantities of sparkling wine, it is possible to remove the oysters and put them in the shell, and pour a little champagne.

The amount of sparkling wine depends on the number of people as well as the quantity of oysters.
Approximately 2 to 4 oysters (depending on size) and 1 oz of champagne per person.

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