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Unique Souvenirs

Have a lot od boring and impractical souvenirs whose only purpose is gathering dust on your shelves? Here are a few somewhat more unusual ideas for shopping during your trip!

Beer meccas

Countries that occupy an important position on the global scene of beer production.


By far the cheapest, but also the most dangerous way of travelling from one destination to another.

Travel pillows

Ensure yourself better sleep while you’re travelling.

Egyptian casserole

Kosahari is a national dish of Egypt – a healthy and delicious vegetarian meal for every occasion.


Australian desert designed in honor of a Russian dancer from the thirties of the last century.

World hindu temples

Locations for worship and learning about the principles of Hinduism all over the world.


What to take with you when you are about to spend a good deal of time with all of your belongings on your back?

Argentinian Wines

Rich wines under the shadow of the magnificent Andes.

Rafting rivers

The most beautiful and exciting locations for the thrill of rushing down rapids.