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Salzburg – between baroque and modern

Salzburg has a worldwide reputation of being a popular destination for city trips.

10 fabulous Espadrilles

Personally, I am not huge fan of flats overall, I wear them when I am really literary running all day from meeting to meeting or carrying boxes and packing/unpacking and PR or fashion events (even though I learned to do it in heels).

Kigali capital of Rwanda is the city to remeber

The capital city Kigali lies in the geographical center of Rwanda.

20 healthy snacks to get you ready for bikini shape

Like with studying with preparing for Summer shape I really start last minute when it comes to daily exercising.


The idyllic landscapes, magnificent temples and palaces, exotic markets, the vast rice fields, mountain tribes, noisy cities, floating pearl farm … all of this makes Vietnam.


Nepal is located in southern Asia between Tibet and India with whom they share a 2926 km long border.


Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia with an area of 329.740 km2 and with approximately 27 million inhabitants.

My top 10 favorite brands: & Other Stories

It was a while since I was last really thrilled with a quality, service and wearability of total offering of one retail fashion brands who also has an affordable price range.

Best of resort 2015. collections

Working with over hundred designers now as I am curating and doing fashion buying for Trendcy.com I continue to hear them calling the collections trans-seasonal, meaning they don’t classify them as much anymore as Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter.

Guercino World Exhibition starts in Zagreb

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, called Il Guercino was an Italian Baroque painter from Cento, whose paintings can be rarely seen outside the National Picture Gallery, in which they are located.