Tourist mecca for fans of history, culture, and spiza!

Italy extends over 301 thousand square kilometers in southern Europe. Its territory has a recognizable boot formation, and it includes two large islands in the Mediterranean – Siciliy and Sardinia. It borders with France and Switzerland in the northwest, Austria in the north, Slovenia in the northeast, while it sharea the Adriatic Sea with Croatia.

It is worth mentioning that on its territory there are two independent countries – San Marino and the Vatican – which are completely surrounded by the Italian territory. In geographical terms Italy is mostly situated in the Apennines peninsula,  where the mountains of Apennines are located, who connect with the Alps in the northwest. This area is known for its volcanoes: Vesuvius near Naples, active Etna on Siciliy and on nearby Stromboli.

58 million people live in Italy, most of which are Italians, and they gather in cities and urban areas. The capital – Rome – is located in central Italy in the Lazio region – but it virtually extends to the shores of Tyrrhenian Sea. Wherever you scratch beneath the surface in the eternal city, you will find an archeological locality from prehistoric times, so it is no wonder  that it is visited by a million tourists around the world each year. In Italy, the city of fashion Milano is often visited, along with Verona, Venice, Tuscan region, and numerous ski resorts in the Alps during the winter months.

Italian cuisine is among the most famous in the world. It is based on different types of pastas which are combined with sauces from meat and tomato, various spices and olive oil. You mustn’t miss out on their pizza – the italian culinary flagship – that is eaten throughout the world. With the food of this area local wine is served, and the coffee drinking culture is also strong.

5 unforgettable tourist attractions in Italy:
  1. Capital of the world

Explore Rome and its cultural and historical monuments! Be sure to visit its main symbol – amphitheater Colosseum, the Basilica of St. Peter in Vatican, and the Sistine chapel celing. It offers a variety of museums, squares, and fountains – toss a coin into the di Trevi fountain and make a wish – locals say that your wish will come true.

  1. Venice Carnival

Venice is the most famous european carnival destination, located in the Veneto region in the northeast of the country. Every year in february millions of people eager to have fun gather around St. Mark square. In the former center of the Venetian Republic, you can see many stunning museum and palaces, and don’t miss out on the ride with gondola through its channels.

Skiing in the Alps

Italy is a true skiing mecca, and Kronplatz, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Trevalli, and Bormio are favorite skiing destinations. More experienced skiiers come here, because they have more demanding skiing routes that host many world ski championship races.

  1. Miraculous Tuscany

Visit the central region of Italy – Tuscany – which is known as a center of renaissance art, a prominent wine-growing region that produces Chianti wine, but also a place with 120 protected natural sites. Be sure to visti the immediate centers of the cities Florence and Siena, which are under UNESCO protection, as well as the leaning tower of Pisa.

  1. Pompeii

Fans of history gladly visit the city of Pompeii, which is located in the italian province of Campania in the south of the country. It is most famous for its eruption of Vesuvius, which took place in the year of 79. and that completely covered it with a layer of volcanic ash. The city was hidden for 16 centuries, and is a popular tourist destination these days.


Official language: italian
Religion: Christianity (85%)
Currency: euro (EUR)
Visa: not necessary
How to travel:
via airplane: direct lines to the capitol of Italy from Split or Zagreb
via train: From Zagreb to the capital or Venice
via ship:regular lines of Jadrolinija from Rijeka, Zadar or Splita to Ancone
via Bus:Tourist agencies organize these kinds of trips
via personal car: Relation Zagreb-ROME (880km); highways are very good – speed limit 130km/h
Diseases and prevention: vaccination not necessary
When to travel: during the whole year.
Accomodation: Hotel Deko Rome and Villa Spalletti Trivelli in the center of the city are excellent choices. In Florence hotel Davanzati, and in Venice in hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo.
Restaurants: Marco G and Al Duello in the capital are excellent choices. You can eat good italian good in Vini e Vecchi Sapora in Florence, and in Ai Mercanti in Venice.


Beware of petty thefts around tourist objects – especially in Rome.

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