Maison Ravn

Luxury handbag label Maison Ravn creates ‘piece unique’ bags.

Hand-crafted by prestigious artisans in Paris, every Maison Ravn creation is numbered like a work of art, and impossible to replicate.


Passionate about their histories and the beauty of their temporal imperfections, Maison Ravn gathers extraordinary fabrics from collectors all over the world. Precious materials such as woven Ottoman, Provençal cloths from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, silk from Lyon, Suzani from around the world, Indigo Tsutsugaki, Ikats, Italian lace, Chinese embroideries and Scandinavian folk fabrics are combined with skins and leathers such as crocodile, python, lizard, alligator, ostrich, stingray and mink.

No two bags are alike. Each piece is designed as a painting, composed using unusual harmonies of nuanced and contrasting shades that evoke the individuality of each owner. Muted block hues, delicate prints, bold patterns and flashes of vibrant colour clash and combine in the most beautiful ways.


Maison Ravn creates a modern vision of luxury animated by contrasts: playful and tough, feminine and androgynous, provocative and refined. Lustrous leathers and silks give gothic glamour to sleek silhouettes, while studs and spikes lend hard-edged decadence. Each bag is joyfully tactile, embellished with plush fur, leather tassles and exotic skins.

In a world where everyone seems to own the same products, it is refreshing that Maison Ravn has cultivated a rare approach to handcrafting incomparable pieces.


Text with permission of Wish hr partner, Quintessentially Lifestyle.

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