Oznaka: Asia


Thailand – exotic country full of contrasts.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates are a desirable and safe destination for tourists, Dubai in particular.

Sri Lanka

Jewel of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, an island country in South Asia, which occupies the island of Sri Lanka (in the past known as Ceylon) and several smaller islands in the Indian Ocean, southeast of the Indian peninsula.


Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world, and it has always been attractive to colonialists because of its strategic position.


A country formerly known as Burma had the name of Myanmar since 1989.


The Maldives islands are a unique place on the planet, we even dare to say that it is a heaven on earth.


With 1.3 billion inhabitants, China or officially People’s Republic of China, is the most populous country in the world and one of the most interesting tourist destinations.


Cambodia is located in the southeastern part of Indochina. It is surrounded by 2572 km land border with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, its neighbors with whom Cambodia has a turbulent past.

South Korea

If you are looking for exciting exploration adventures, then South Korea is the perfect choice for you.


Ancient temples, futuristic cities, super fast trains, mystical mountains, kindness, hospitality … All this can be found in Japan.