Domaine Laroche: The origins of Chablis

Taste the exceptional heritage of the Burgundy way of life.

At Chablis, in Burgundy, the Domaine Laroche reveals an exceptional history: the ninth-century Obédiencerie monastery, where Chablis, an emblematic French white wine, was born.

The Domaine Laroche allows you to discover the fascinating history of the white wine Chablis, with its rich religious and medieval heritage, and to taste the Burgundy way of life. The Obédiencerie is a site rich in history and Christian heritage. It is here, in this former monastery at Chablis, that the monks of Saint Martin de Tours developed the craft of winemaking in the Middle Ages.


The Laroche family installed the headquarters of its vineyard in the magnificent building and takes great care of this living heritage. Visitors can admire the twelfth-century grape press, a unique device classified on the list of French historic monuments, and the wine cellars, the oldest in the village (ninth and twelfth centuries), which are still being used today.


A Saint Martin vintage to remind us that wine is for sharing

The Domaine Laroche continues to produce and mature its four top grand cru wines and 10 high-quality premier cru wines under the historic and peaceful monastic arches. Wine tastings are held here and allow you to appreciate all the subtleties of the Chardonnay grapes, grown in a mosaic of different areas, which make up the Chablis white wine. The vineyard has, among other things, developed a Saint Martin wine to highlight this long history, in which wine is a symbol of sharing.


Near the vineyard, the Hôtel du Vieux Moulin offers a wonderful getaway experience. All aspects of the Burgundy way of life are expressed in this charming hotel, which is built in a former eighteenth-century grain mill. The subtle mix of traditional architecture and contemporary design provides an intimate location in the centre of Chablis village, at the heart of this famous wine district, whose many different ‘climats’, or plots of land for growing grapes, have been classified as World Heritage sites. Several different types of weekend or short visits allow you to enjoy a unique wine tourism experience.

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