Rafting rivers

The most beautiful and exciting locations for the thrill of rushing down rapids.

Çoruh, Turkey

The Çoruh river is one of the fastest rivers in the world, while it is also reputed to be one of the best locations in the world for river rafting. If you indulge in a ride down its clear waters, apart from with an unforgettable adventure you will also be rewarded with a breathtaking landscape. Magnificent canyons, orchards and gorgeous valleys dotted with Alpine flowers are just some of its natural assets, and here are also fascinating ruins from the Byzantine era that give the whole adventure a touch of history. Unfortunately, due to the construction of a dam, the Çoruh river won’t be open for whitewater delights for long, so hurry up or you will miss out on a truly exceptional rafting experience!

Magpie River, Canada

Rafting on the Magpie River offers the experience of completely connecting with nature – pristine wilderness and evergreen trees all around you, while a gaze to the North could bring you face to face with the magnificent light of the aurora borealis. A particular attraction of this 200-kilometre-long river are Magpie Falls, a dazzling waterfall 24 metres in height.

Sun Kosi, Nepal

The Sun Kosi whose name means ˝river of gold˝, flows through the untouched environment of the highest mountain range in the world, while its waters can be so wild that sometimes – particularly after the monsoon – even the biggest rafts can seemingly disappear in its white foam. Its diverse landscape guarantees that your trip won’t be boring even for a second – thus the adventure begins with a journey through the pristine beauties of rural Nepal and villages in which time seems to have stopped, only to end in a lush subtropical jungle filled with chattering monkeys.

Franklin River, Australia

The Franklin river is one of the last truly wild rivers in the world, ploughing its way through the isolated wilderness of southwestern Tasmania. While you are rushing down its waters surrounded by beautiful temperate rainforests, there is a large possibility you will also encounter an interesting species of animal, for example, a platypus or a wallaby. Franklin river is also known as a demading river, thus it is only recommended for experienced rafters – or at least very physically fit ones!

Futaleufú , Chile

Underneath the snow-capped peaks of the Andes flows the Futaleufú river, a beautiful rafting destination that is still untouched by mass tourism. In the language of Araucanian Indians, Futaleufú means ˝big river˝, and it is famous for its deep waters that are coloured a gorgeous shade of blue by deposits of glacial. Its grade 5 rapids, known under memorable names such as Infierno and Terminator, can be counted among the most difficult rafting challenges on Earth.

Kaituna, New Zealand

New Zealand is world-famous for the untouched beauty of its natural environment, and also for its array of exciting options for adventure – and rafting is no exception here. One of the most exceptional rafting locations in the Land of the Long White Cloud is the Kaituna river whose turbulent grade 5 rapids guarantee an unforgettable experience. The seven-metre drop of Tutea Falls, the world’s highest commerically rafted waterfall, will provide a particular adrenaline rush.

Zambezi, Zambia/Zibabwe

Rafting on the Zambezi river is definitely not for beginners, but the wild and aggressive waves of this magnificent river will offer seasoned rafters a dramatic and unique experience. Many journeys begin underneath the majestic Victoria Falls where, apart from enjoying in one of the most breathtaking backdrops that Mother Nature can offer, the bravest souls can dare to raft in one of the only few places in the world that offer rafting on grade 6 rapids. The rapids on the Zambezi river also boast striking names, thus you may find yourself on the ˝Stairway to Heaven˝, ˝Star Trek˝ or ˝Gulliver’s Travels˝.


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