Travel Gadgets

Technology development has deeply influenced many of our habits – including travel.

We offer you access to seven devices and ways they changed the exploration of the world.


As the name suggests – this type of computer is intended to move from point A to point B. Maybe you’re not happy when you must take your computer on vacation to be in contact with your boss, but it can be an immensely useful tool for reporting to you dear people in the absence, restoring to a social network, or find useful information about travel at

Mobile Phone

Since the invention of cell phone in the past decades it is almost unthinkable to be without at least one. On trips we used it to answer the family and friends via SMS, MMS or calling. Smart phones, however, allow photography, surfing the Internet, recording video clips and various other activities to ensure that the good memories from the trip would be recorded forever.


Global positioning system or device with global positioning system (GPS) in recent years entered into numerous cars. With regularly updated programs, it is possible to find a grocery store in the African rain forest, a Hindu temple in India or the best hairdressers in the USA. In short: a device that prevents us to get lost wherever you are and whatever you do. Turn right!

MP3 Player

Do you love listening to music? Music has a direct impact on our mood, evokes memories and effectively treats boredom. With the development of mp3 and mp4 devices, which are now the size of matchboxes (and below) – it is available everywhere! It does not take up much room in the suitcase or pocket, and can cut time short while traveling by train, bus or waiting in line to enter into a tourist attraction.


Lightweight, thin and functional computer in the past year gripped the world. They offer all the traditional services as well as standard computers, and have been adapted to reading electronic books. You no longer have to clutter your case with a number of hard-cover books when going on vacation, and when you get tired of reading play a computer game.

Digital Camera

Remember the camera with films? With the development of digital cameras those doubts disappeared. You can see a photo, delete and try again, and make only the ones you want. With the help of underwater digital camera, however, you can take a photo like this ↑.

Portable game consoles

If you are traveling with children at home – surely you know how it is sometimes hard to keep their attention and concentration in long columns at toll booths. If you have a handy portable game console – we doubt you’ll encounter this problem. Of course, do not let that computer games replace the joy of research for new destinations.

Translation: Vanja Grgec

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