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Daniel and Cornelius O’Shaughnessy are the visionary brothers behind Bodhimaya’s award-winning luxury detox retreats in both France and England – the former a fairy-tale castle, the latter a quintessentially English estate. Designed as health and wellbeing retreats, what makes Bodhimaya unique and underpins its singularity, is the personal nature of each client’s program which is built to be reactive to the individual’s requirements. Highly qualified and committed to their fields, Daniel is a Director of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy whilst Cornelius is an authority on Eastern Philosophy and meditation. Between them, the siblings have all bases covered when it comes to health optimisation.

Alongside the two retreats, a Bodhimaya Harley Street Clinic and its team of experts specialise in a range of mental and physical health issues. BodhiGen forms the basis for many of the functional tests and corresponding treatments, and is generally viewed as the most advanced form of nutrigenomic genetic analysis. Used in conjunction with information regarding diet, past health, family history etc. the BodhiGen team is able to provide personalised and effective dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.


The retreat detox programs draw from the ancient teachings of the East, combining yoga and meditation alongside personal consultations, nutrition advice, massages and various other treatments. Minutely researched care and attention at every step of the way ensure that every client gets the most out of this holistic retreat, and the subsequent effect on the body and mind is profound.


Text with permission of Wish hr partner, Quintessentially Lifestyle.

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