Fabulous cheese crust pizza recipe

Like most other working girls I am trying to juggle my work schedule while at the same cook healthy daily for my boyfriend and myself at least twice a day. I don’t like to eat same or similar traditional food or pre-cooked meals over and over again, so I try to be creative. if I am gonna cook, I choose to make it healthy, tasty and pretty.

Since this pizza recipe which I changed quite a bit from it’s original I found on Pinterest (check out my fabulous recipe board HERE) I decided to share it with you so you can also test it and let me know how it worked for you!

Yesterday was the first time I made my own non traditional pizza dough and it was so delicious that my boyfriend ate it before I managed to take photos of it and brag with it on Facebook (#CroatianTragedies).


1 baking powder
1 yogurt (2 dl)
1 small spoon of honey
1 yeast powder or fresh yeast
1/2 kg flour
1 dcl milk
1 egg
pinch of salt to taste
pinch of sugar

2300 ml tomato sauce
2 small spoons of oregano
200 g of shredded mozzarella cheese
200 g of shredded provolone cheese (or other mix cheese)
200 g slides ham
7-8 sliced champignon mushrooms
Hand full of olives
Fresh basil

Olive oil
2 cloves of garlic



0. Preheat oven on 250 C.
1. Mix 1 dl of milk with yeast powder and a pinch of sugar and small spoon of honey in a bowl. Leave it for 10 minutes to work it’s magic.
2. Place 1/2 kg of flour in the large bowl add 1 baking powder in the middle, egg, yogurt and pinch of salt. Make a hole with your fingers in the middle of the mixture and add mixture from step 1.
3. Mix all dough ingredients first with a spoon or fork and then with your clean hands and shape it into a compact dough with your hands. Keep flour handy and add it as needed, as the dough might be sticky at the beginning.
4. Put some flour on clean table surface and spread it with a dough roller and shape it into a circle (I like circle pizza better then square). Line shredded mix. cheese around the edges and wrap the dough corners around the cheese press with fingers to close the edges.
5. Mix tomato sauce with oregano, pepper and salt into a bowl and spread it over the center of the pizza all the way up to edges.
6. Spread cheese over tomato sauce evenly, add ham, mushrooms, olives and basil.
7. Mix olive oil with minced garlic and spread with brush over corners/edges.
8.Place in the oven for about 15 minutes on 250 C. You can see if it’s done by lifting the side and checking the bottom.

This pizza was really delicious, you can add or remove toppings as you wish, depending what you like.
Let me know how it tastes! :)

Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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